Fees for therapy:


I do not take any insurance, but instead I work with a sliding scale that takes a variety of factors into consideration when determining a fee.  My current fees ranges from $100-$150 per session.  I also can take HSA and Flex Spending cards, and provide you with a receipt for Out of Network (OON). 

For those who are in a financial struggle and cannot afford to pay, I recommend contacting Pro Bono Counseling Project at probonocounseling.org 

I take payment at the end of each session, and accept checks, credit/ debit cards, Venmo, PayPal and of course, cash.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are you located?  

My office is in a group practice in Roland Park, near Stony Run Trail. 




Is everything confidential?

In therapeutic work, everything that we discuss is confidential, with a few key exceptions which I will explain in our first meeting.  ​

My friend sees you as a client- can I work with you, too? 

Typically, yes.  It is not unusual for me to see friends, co-workers and room-mates.  I prefer for this to be with the knowledge and encouragement of the original client.  A large number of my clients do come to me though this type of referral.  I will not, however,  see the romantic partner, or former partner,  of a client.  

I'm new to therapy- what's my first step?

Send me an email, or give me a call.  We'll set up a time to talk over the phone for abut 15 minutes, just to get to know each other, so I can answer any questions you have, and to see if we both feel like we are a good match.  At the end of the conversation, you can choice to either book and appointment, or say you need time to think about it.