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Binnacle Psychotherapy


Meet Luna

Luna Hammond, M.Ed, M.S, LCPC


My practice focuses on working with adults who are struggling to find a sense of value in life, or in relationships with others. There is no one way to accomplish this task, so my work is to help my clients find his or her own path in life and offer support along the way.


Working collaboratively and in a thoughtful relationship, I offer my clients a safe place to explore the more difficult stumbling blocks of their lives. I help my clients not just to find detours around those stumbling blocks, but build the skills and confidence to overcome and eliminate them. 


My primary approach is Existential Humanism, which places emphasis on the universal experiences of being human, including how to manage suffering, experiences of isolation, the creation of meaningful relationships, finding one’s true purpose.  


Let's Connect

If you need more information, have questions, or would like to schedule a free phone consultation, please be in touch. You can contact Luna via phone, email.

Email:  | Phone: 443-801-1106

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