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Services & Fees

Virtual Practice

Our practice is 100% virtual. Teletherapy sessions are set up just as if we were to have a session in person; the only difference is we aren't in the same physical space. 


Virtual therapy allows you to create a comfortable space that is on your terms. It also allows for convenience to make sure you can build the sessions into your schedule without the worry of commute. 


While we understand it may feel different, we work to create a therapeutic experience that works best for you, with you.

Insurance & Fees

We do not take any insurance but instead work with a sliding scale that considers various factors when determining a fee.  Current fees range from $120-$170 per session. We can also take HSA and Flex Spending cards and provide you with a receipt for Out of Network (OON). 

For those in a financial struggle and who cannot afford to pay, we recommend contacting the Pro Bono Counseling Project at 

Payment is collected at the end of each session, and we accept checks, credit/debit cards, and Venmo.

Luna is an amazing therapist and a wonderful human being. She is compassionate, so insightful, funny, and encouraging. I feel truly understood in my conversations with her, which is such a gift.

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