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Please note, these were submitted anonymously and voluntarily.

"Luna is an incredible therapist; She always offers great perspective and has a calming presence. She’s been a guiding light in my life for 5+ years, and I always look forward to our chats. While she has all of the education and accolades, she truly has a passion for helping people. Therapy is very personal, and Luna makes you feel right at home! I cannot recommend her enough; she really is the best!"

"Luna Hammond is a gifted and intuitive therapist. She consistently offers generous listening and useful, actionable advice that is wise, kind to all parties, and empowering. I have been able to turn to her for years now for both emergency moments and also weekly check-ins when I have needed it. I have found her services to be unparalleled and also all-encompassing. Luna is very logical and practical and she also brings in a dash of spiritual perspective that I appreciate, even when I don’t know that is something I want. I recommend her to anyone trying to make sense of their place in today’s world."

"Luna has changed my outlook on life for the better — often times therapists can be so focused on the 'solving' or 'treating' aspect of therapy rather than truly 'listening'. It's wonderful sitting with Luna because when she says 'I hear you', I truly do feel heard. Her approach to interacting with all of her clients is humanistic, and I always feel valued when I walk into her office. Truly an amazing therapist and individual."

“Luna is straightforward, understanding, gentle, and a great listener. She guides me to figure things out at my own pace.”

“Luna has helped me gain my footing and become a more confident person. She is always exquisitely compassionate and is there for me when I need it most. I am so, so lucky to have found such an insightful therapist.”

“I have had numerous ill marched therapy sessions over the years. And then I meet Luna. She is energized, engaging, and always genuinely happy to see me whenever we meet. Luna's flexibility with time and a sliding scale makes for extremely accessible sessions.”

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